Is the reason for your success jumping out of your resume?

Reason for your successWhat is the reason for your success?

In multiple bullet points, your resume should resonate with the reason for your success. Most resumes don’t. They stop before they get to the reason.

Look at this statement:

Turned around client’s negative opinion of the employer.

Clarify the reason for your success

Did you ask HOW? How did you turn around the client’s negative opinion of the employer? The How is the key ingredient missing in 98% of home-grown resumes and this is how you tell them the reason for your success.

Most people leave you hanging. They make a statement like the one above and you are clueless about how they did it. If the employer can’t figure that out, they will pass you by for the next person in line.

One of my Design Resumes’ clients who was seeking an administrative role said multiple things about turning around client impressions of the company in her resume. She spoke about being recognized by top management as a genuine professional who embodies “grace under pressure.”

What a compliment! She was able to defuse potential volatile situations. How? She could gain client confidence that she could resolve the issues to their satisfaction. Her resume was completed with multiple stories of exactly how she did that and this is already generating interviews.

Did you explain the reason for your success?

The reason most people fail with their resumes is that they never finish telling the story. No matter where you are in your career or what industry you represent, if you think hard enough, you should be able to come up with success stories and then give them the How, the reason for your success!

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