Jobsearch 101: How to use voicemail more effectively

Why should you use voicemail in job search? There are multiple options to communicate today but don’t ignore voicemail.

Today many people use text for messages, but this only works when you are communicating with cell phones.

HINT: Everyone doesn’t text and not everyone uses it regularly so if you try to text when you should just leave a message, you may not be heard.

Why voicemail is important

Never assume that just because you get a voicemail you should stop trying to speak with that person. When I am in a client meeting, I don’t answer calls most of the time because it disrupts the flow of the meeting.

Like many people, I rarely have the same schedule day-to-day, people get my voicemail. It doesn’t mean I don’t want to talk to them.

If I call a client and get voicemail, I always leave a message. I know my clients are busy and they will call back as soon as they are able.

What kind of message should I leave?

One way to avoid playing tag and be an effective communicator is state your reason for calling, then find 2 or 3 best times to call even if they are on the next day. State your name clearly and slowly say your phone number twice.

Why should I leave a voicemail?

With caller ID systems, you may think they should just call you if they are interested. Many landlines and even cell phones today are targeted by telemarketers and spam callers. Robocalls seem the norm. Most people will only return a call to an unknown number if they get a message.

What if they don’t want to talk to me? So many job seekers are afraid to use the phone. The phone is your best friend in your job search. Don’t be afraid to make a call and prepare a message for voicemail or an administrative assistant that sounds professional. Be specific and direct:

Hello, my name is Sandy Jones. I would like to speak to you to learn more about the position of IT Project Manager and how my experience with Lockheed Martin can be an asset to the Boeing organization. If you are able to call me at 111-333-5555 between 1pm and 3pm today or 8am to 5pm tomorrow, I would enjoy speaking with you. Again my number is 111-333-5555.

You will be more successful in your job search if you use the phone and if you get voicemail, leave a message!

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Jobsearch 101: How to use voicemail more effectively

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