Job seekers, do you struggle with change?

Job seekers, do you struggle with change?

Job seekers, do you struggle with change? Looking back, the last 50 years has seen astronomical change. Things that younger generations take for granted are fairly new when you look more closely.

As job seekers, how do you feel about change?

When I met my husband in 1979, I still remember the conversation that first day. We talked about change and how we felt about it. At the time, I worked for locally owned Franklin Savings & Loan that just merged with a Milwaukee-based firm, Security Savings and Loan. Many employees were very upset and struggled with the idea that they would have to change. Change to them was frightening. I was young, 22 at the time, and found change to be exciting. My future husband was 32 but he loved change and that was one of the things that bonded us.

What do people take for granted?

Change has been happening forever but we tend to take for granted that some things have always been there. I’m writing this blog post on my computer but computers have only been around for a relatively short time period. The research I did to see when computers as we know them began says 1975. We bought our first little computer in 1983 and hooked it up to a dot matrix printer and a cassette recorder to launch the business that is now Design Resumes. By then we were in property management and managed 50 HUD housing units.

That property management job evolved as we were asked to manage more units and then we accepted a transfer to Naperville. The result of that change ended in a job loss… my own. It began of life of self-employment when the person who loved change decided that leading her own change was more important than letting change happen to her. Entrepreneurship isn’t for everyone and I have bounced through more hurdles than I can count.

My own changes to focus on career marketing

When I chose to drop the non-profit contracts that band-aided my income for more than 18 years to trust I could generate enough income to pay our bills working as a career professional, it was a huge leap of faith. I won’t tell you I haven’t panicked at points during the past five years but I have no plans to stop working in the career industry.

When we look at change, we determine how to deal with it and what affects it can have on us. Through the years, I worked with many job seekers who recently lost a job. Some job seekers waited to long to decide to hire a professional. They struggle to make ends meet. Some job seekers are angry and other job seekers are scared. This is true even of people who have not lost a job but are just not feeling fulfilled in their present job. They are ready to move on. They fear change but they embrace change at the same time.

Whatever your attitude is toward change, understand that it will not go away. You just have to be prepared to change with it.

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