Jobsearch 101: 3 destructive mindsets and 3 constructive mindsets

Watchers of reality shows like Survivor and Big Brother recognize the term alliance. On these shows, building alliances and working with alliances is a major part of the strategy to winning the game.

If you have an alliance with the right people who create a winning strategy, you will move forward. If you don’t have an alliance or your alliance doesn’t plan well, you lose the game.

The alliance concept is key to success in the job search world too only we usually use the word “network” instead of alliance.

The destructive mindsets

We all know people who just rub us the wrong way. Some people can’t figure out why they aren’t successful in the job search. As I thought about this, I know people do things to end relationships and break down networks.

  1. The “Gotta-do-it-my-way” controlling person also known as the always right person. This person doesn’t accept the ideas of anyone else in the group. He has to do everything his way and when someone stands up to him or just doesn’t do it his way, he gets mad and may even become abusive.
  2. The user. This person plays the nice guy to get what he wants but doesn’t contribute to the group and walks away when someone says no to their requests.
  3. The crazy person. This person is paranoid and spouts strange ideas all around them that don’t have any substance.

The constructive mindsets

  1.  The lead-from-the-front person. This person is a take-charge person but he tempers that leadership trait by modeling right behavior and kindness while also being willing to jump in and do the work.
  2. The giver. Unlike the user, this person is willing to give of his time and energy to get the work done. He sees something wrong and jumps in to be part of the solution.
  3. The thinker. This person gifted with critical thinking skills strategizes to find solutions that work for the group. He may not speak often but when he contributes it makes a difference in the outcome.

People choose each day to have destructive mindsets or constructive mindsets.

The results at your job and in a job search will be better if you choose the constructive one but it is your choice.

One of the tools I use with some of my clients is the DISC behavioral assessment. This tool helps us understand what personality traits attract or repel the people around you.

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Jobsearch 101: 3 destructive mindsets and 3 constructive mindsets

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