Is your resume all you need to triumph in your job search?

Is your resume all you need to triumph in your job search?Once your resume was all you needed to triumph in your job search, but today’s job search is much more complicated.

Perhaps you think that your job search will win your next role with the right resume with all the right keywords. This is part of the solution but not the entire solution.

Triumph in your job search by integrating strategic steps

Your resume is key. I call it the foundation of your job search. But like your house foundation, it wouldn’t work if you stop there. Sending out myriads of resumes via online applications, no matter how well done the resume is, rarely wins a job.

When people call me and say they need a resume, I know I will need to help them see the bigger picture. Today, your resume is the starting point. I see the resume as a strategic planning session that allows me to help a job seeker perceive his true value and direct his job search.

Once the resume is complete, we can move on to creating a strategic LinkedIn profile and start teaching strategies for using LinkedIn effectively to reach decision makers.

Bolster your job search results by leveraging all the tools

By maintaining a strong profile on LinkedIn combined with an active presence, you will be more visible to decision makers in your field. However, if you are not a unique, in-demand commodity, you still may find yourself looking longer.

This is where understanding that you need to take action in your job search comes into play. You have dynamic, well-written, keyword optimized resumes and LinkedIn profile but you need to get those in front of decision makers. If you continue a passive job search without picking up the phone to speak to people, engaging them in your job search, you could be waiting a long time to win in your job search.

In the last month, two executive clients let me know they are starting in new roles. They didn’t let the grass grow under their feet rather these two leaders took action and they won. They learned how to triumph in their job search. How about you?

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