Why you need to land well for a successful career

Why you need to land well for a successful careerI told a client to land well the other day. It’s nothing I haven’t said to other clients. Sometimes when you want a job so badly, you fail to set your standards high enough.

What does land well mean?

I coach my clients to look for the pathway to career happiness. When a person loses a job, sometimes they want the stability of the next job so badly they choose a position that isn’t a good fit. Or they will ignore signals telling them the environment is not going to work for the long run.

In the discovery process of writing the resume, I get to know my clients quite well. As I develop their resume, we meet together in interactive writing sessions. This collaborative process allows me to find out what makes them happy to allow them to find a job that fits so they can land well.

In addition, I use tools such as the DISC behavioral communication tool to uncover their strengths, what motivates them, and how to recognize the ideal work environment.

When fear gets in the way

Fear is a powerful motivator and it gets in the way of logical decision-making. If you are afraid you won’t be able to pay the mortgage or buy food, you get desperate. Your vision often gets clouded. You cease to evaluate and even to be proactive. The desperation will make you want to take the first job offered and even apply for jobs that don’t fit your ideal work environment.

What happens if you get a job you don’t like? When you don’t land well, you struggle from day one. You may even hate your new job. 

What should you do to avoid landing badly?

Do deep research on companies you would like to work for and find out what it is like to work there. In a world where we connect so easily with others, (think LinkedIn) you can find resources to tell you the inside story. Think of your happiest times and look for roles that fit that model. Don’t just apply online. Get out of your comfort zone to find a job with the company of your choice by looking for the job. Use your network.

Evaluate the company and the job in the interview. You are interviewing the company too. Make sure you get a good fit.

Why? If you land well, you will be better positioned to continue your career. If you land badly, you will start looking again right away. This will take your focus away from doing a good job and will start a trend of desperation job search. Land well, my friends!

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