Light at the end of the job search tunnel!

Yesterday Gee Backhouse made a comment about finding that my posts apply to her life in many ways even though she is not looking for a job or planning to change careers. She has already done that. Gee is, as she says, a goldsmith and adventurer in France who moved from the UK and a prior career in Information Technology to launch a new career.

The Adventurer Within —I became a goldsmith by deciding to live a life of adventure; to risk the safely familiar in favour being involved in something that inspired me. With an open mind I looked out for opportunities, tried new things and made mistakes. I applied myself to finding a way of living a life that truly engaged me.

I love Gee’s work. It is funny though because I don’t wear any jewelry anymore. I was always getting my jewelry caught in things or covered with dirt and just ended up putting it away. My phone is my watch and I rarely wear necklaces. But I still appreciate them and keep track of things like Gee’s work because I know I am the exception rather than the rule. Other women and many men do appreciate jewelry.

What if I don’t need to read about job search?

I know that not everyone is looking for a job or wants to change their career. In today’s economy, almost everyone knows some one who is struggling with keeping their job or someone who lost their job or someone who has hated their job but doesn’t know how to move on.

If you are reading this and know someone who needs to know there can be a light at the end of the tunnel and could use some direction and help getting into either the career of their directions or finding stepping stones to get there, then you share what I write with them.

I could never write just a resume writing blog or job search blog with step-by-step directions on how to get a new job. I have to weave my own philosophy and viewpoints into it. Gee seems to find that valuable and I hope you do too. I find that attitude is a huge difference maker in whether you succeed in life or not.

What blogs do I read?

The blogs I read are not necessarily ones that help me with my business or are in my field. I read plenty of other career industry professionals blogs too, don’t get me wrong. But I also read people with attitudes that inspire me and move me to action. If I help one person do that with my words here, I have done my job. If someone shares my words with someone who needs my services as a resume writer and we find that job seeker or career changer a position they love and enjoy, it is a winning proposition.

How do we stay connected and help others?

There already is a light at the end of the tunnel but not everyone sees it. You can help guide them by sharing what you learn with others.

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