Are you ready to make your next career move?

Are you ready to make your next career move?

The indicators seem to say the economy is recovering. This may mean there are opportunities for you to make your next career move in the near future.

But are you ready to make that next career move?

Sadly, many people who would love to jump at that dream job aren’t ready. Three times this year thus far that I can remember, job seekers approached me with a very short time frame for their new resume.

Unfortunately, the time frame was way too short to write a quality resume. It breaks my heart to tell people I can’t make a deadline. Most of the people who contact me know me from former clients or social media.

On the other hand, a client who hired me on February 5 let me know last week she was offered a new job as a Senior Director, Strategic Client Partners for a global provider of cloud-based solutions that define the future of business. She starts April 3.

She found me from a comment I made on a job seeker group on LinkedIn. She liked my detailed answer and that was enough for her to reach out for help.

What if I miss opportunities while you write my resume?

When she hired me, she was nervous she might miss opportunities while we worked on her resume. It’s a common fear.

And then there is this question. Is it worth the investment? Is it worth losing a job that could pay upwards of six figures because you didn’t want to find out? Job search is hard work.

This client was smart enough to know she was also likely to lose opportunities with her present resume.

Once people see even the beginnings of the work we do together, they recognize the difference between the resume we write in our collaborative sessions and the one they struggled to write alone.

This woman was no different. She hadn’t been getting any traction with her old resume. She knew she wasn’t making the kind of impression that she wanted to make.

When we finished the resume, she jumped in and worked with her network while we completed her LinkedIn profile. It didn’t take long to get interviews. She was prepared with a resume that told her story, explained her value, and marketed her to the next employer.

You don’t want to be the one who isn’t ready for the dream job. You want to be the one who gets the offer. Plan ahead so that you can be ready! Let’s get started!

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