How much is your career worth to you?

How much is your career worth to you?How much is your career worth? Only you can answer that. People call me to ask about working with me, some with glowing referrals from successful clients, some just randomly, and some of them invest immediately.

Some put it on the back burner because they are not ready to make a move. I get that.

How buying a car relates to your job search

At times when I am looking for something, I check around first. I did that when we bought the last car in 2013. I looked at used cars at and then when I had a list of 10-12 different cars, my husband and I drove around to look at them.

There were many possibilities. I already narrowed the cars down to my price range. I checked their histories online. In the end though, we chose to talk to the dealership who had sold us most of our cars.

Before we went to talk to a salesperson, we found it on the lot and checked it out again. I had others on the list from that dealer but we only ended up test-driving that one.

In our gut, we knew it was the right one. We bought the car. It was the right car for us and we still have it.

Is your career worth an investment in professional help?

You can shop around online to find someone to help you. First you have to know that this is an investment you are willing to make. Our old car wasn’t working for us. We couldn’t trust it to get us to our destination. It was time to find a new vehicle to make sure we could get where we wanted to go. We had to come up with the money but it proved to be a worthy investment.

If you are struggling to get a new role, maybe you should find someone to help you get where you want to go.

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