Why I need to be the author of my own blog content

In recent weeks, at least two people asked who writes my blog content. Until they asked, I assumed everyone knew I write everything on my site. My voice has to be the one on my blog.

Frequently I get requests from people who would like to supply content for this blog. I generally hit delete because the requests are from people I never heard of before and I don’t want anyone else writing my content.

Who writes your blog content?

One of my clients said that he didn’t know when I found the time since he knew how very busy I have been all year with new clients.

He assumed I bought content or had other people write for me. He couldn’t see how I found time to write blog content with the number of clients I juggle.

When he bought his package, he was disappointed since there were no open appointments for two weeks. But he was happy because I immediately added him to my cancellation list. His project was started much sooner. Other clients cancelled because they were ill or had unexpected work commitments.

I told him one reason I am writing more content lately is I recognized I failed to prioritize writing content.

This blog built my business, as I got busier, I slowed down writing blog content because I was writing for clients all the time. By reorganizing my schedule and by dropping other things, I found time to write.

Why writing blog content makes me a better career professional

In this blog, I often expand on answers to questions my clients asked. The blog allows me to give more career marketing information to interest job seekers looking for career help.  I make sure there is quality content and information out there to help job seekers.

In the writing of this blog content, I find myself learning new things to help job seekers. It’s a win-win. The blog also gives me the opportunity to talk about things on my mind beyond career marketing, like this post. It’s a platform that let’s me reach out to other people and share my thoughts.

Love of writing

It helps I love to write and you always get better at what you do with practice. Writing this blog for the past eight years and creating 970+ blog posts improved my overall writing. It helped me understand content marketing to allow me to teach others.

This blog is a commitment but one I truly love. As my list of regular readers expands, I find myself even more motivated to create new content.

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