Why you need time to write a great resume

I am a bit of an anomaly in the resume writing world because I write resumes in interactive and collaborative sessions. Now I use Zoom’s video technology to facilitate our sessions with clients who live too far away to come into my home office.

My husband remembers when my brand was that I could write a resume in 2 hours. The client would come in and walk out with a resume. Today the resume writing process is much more complex and the competition is much stiffer.

How long does it take to write a great resume?

There are many factors that impact writing a great resume:

  • How ready is the job seeker?
  • Does the job seeker already have an existing resume with his or her history?
  • Has the client thought through his or her accomplishments?
  • Does she understand today’s job search?
  • Is there a target?

Is there a benefit to spending more time to write a great resume?

Like doing your homework too fast, you don’t want to speed through writing your resume. Capturing your best contributions usually takes some time and organizing your information to best represent you to the hiring manager needs some thought. Check out these great resume examples.

Look at these job winning statements from recent client resumes

  • Innovative Operational Systems – Designed and implemented a two-layer leasing system, adapted companywide as SOP for leasing activities, helped the company reach 10K and 20K leasing milestones in half the time, saving 9% internal and 23% external commissions paid.
  • Bottom-line Growth – Reduced expenses by 20% and boosted bottom-line by 30% by introducing metrics-based performance management system focused on operating results.
  • Global Expansion – Led global expansion strategy and business development initiatives (1 acquisition, government and university partnerships, $13M capital investment to expand operational capacity, and 2 divestitures).
  • Operating Efficiency – Significantly improved the company’s transparency by eliminating $80+M annually in undocumented projects and optimizing process from intake to funding by +60%.
  • Staff Development – Developed and implemented action plans to improve staff development, serving as a resource to staff as a clinical expert, leading proficiency skill in-services for groups of 30 to 50. Leverage training in use of the SBAR Tool: Situation-Background-Assessment-Recommendation as a framework for communication between members of the health care team about a patient’s condition.

My clients find that they benefit from the multiple sessions because they are able to better prepare for their job search. In the end, speeding up doesn’t lead to a great resume and taking your time to focus may produce better content.

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Why you need time to write a great resume

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