Pinkslip Party and Stone Soup!


Innovative Recession Jobsearch Help — Pinkslip Party

This post is cutting it very close because the latest Pinkslip Party in Boston will start in 15 minutes from this writing. But it will be there for the future, for all the potential pinkslip party questions people may have in the future.

Resume writing adventures with Pinkslip Party

My adventure with pinkslip party began when I saw a post by @Pistachio (aka Laura Fitton) on Twitter on the afternoon of January 9. She was announcing a pinkslipparty for the Boston area she was putting together. She had found someone to donate a place and food and was looking for help from career services for both resources and prizes.

I’ve given resume packages to church auctions and other projects. I sent @Pistachio an e-mail volunteering to help with a donation of a resume package from Design Resumes if she wanted. She replied that it would be great and there I was, a distant helper to a pinkslipparty half a continent away. I pointed her to the package on my very new website and she was set.

Jobsearch sometimes is much like Stone Soup

Laura said on Twitter that it was like Stone Soup and that made me smile. I knew what she meant.

She referenced one of my favorite children’s stories, one I had seen over and over on Captain Kangaroo. Soldiers enter a village whose inhabitants don’t want to share anything with them.

They suggest that they will make stone soup and then ask for one ingredient at a time. I don’t remember the order anymore but it was a carrot, a potato, or an onion until they had all they needed for the soup.

The townspeople became more generous as the story went on and more trusting. I used the term, Stone Soup, which transcends beyond soup ingredients when I organize events and want things to come together. I ask for just one thing and it expands until I have exactly what I need.

Unemployed people gather to exchange ideas and Job Search tips

In Laura’s case, the pinkslip party designed to help unemployed people gather to exchange ideas and get past the feelings that come upon you when you are out of work. The pink slip party concept is explained here by Galen Moore, “Like those festivities held after the dot-com bubble burst the last time the economy crashed, 2009’s pink-slip parties are popping up to provide a jump start for networking job seekers and a petri dish for growing new startups. Perhaps more importantly, they offer shoulders to lean on for the newly laid off.”

By later in the evening @Pistachio had sent me a DM letting me know that @JamesonBull had won the package. Even before that, I caught Jameson Bull’s Tweet that the pinkslipparty was awesome and he was the winner!

Resume Writers help in the recession

This is the time that the country needs to pull together, all of us need to work together. I’m a resume writer and make my living by writing resumes. However, I can contribute with a few packages to help someone move forward in their career.

If you are unemployed, throw a pinkslip party and you will find yourself with others who share your concerns. At the same time, people like Laura Fitton are trying to find ways to pull in the career services industry, the hiring companies, and help people move forward. Together, we will survive the economic challenges, perhaps by making our own version of Stone Soup!

Pinkslip Party and Stone Soup!

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