Resume Word Check: Analytical

Resume word: analyticalTo have some fun, I let Word search for the word “analytical” in my resume files. Yesterday, we talked about using the word accountable on your resume. Recent findings have talked about how resumes all have the same word or traits in them and hiring managers skip over them. However, I believe that there are some descriptors that if substantiated, can never be overused.

We determined there are many good reasons to use the word accountable. It’s kind of the juice make goal-driven and results-oriented have value.

Focus on analytical

Like accountable, I think there is good reason for using this word as a descriptor of your personality.

Listed below are examples of very different fields each with the word analytical in their resume:

  • Intuitive and analytical account manager, who has created opportunities where there were none and opened the doors to new ventures, start-ups, or innovations.
  • Highly analytical, with strong problem-solving skills used to investigate and assess clinical information of medical cases and determine appropriate resources for the injured worker or disease process.
  • Strong analytical skills, used to determine different structures, collateral, company’s debt going down the cap structure, TROR, z-spread, asset swap spread, OAS and Yield to put.
  • Insightful, analytical IT professional, with extensive experience in Security Encryption Tunnels Via VPN, and/or IPSEC, Unix Firewall Tech, Intrusion Detection Systems, TCP\IP, UDP, OSI Stack, Model, Bridging, Routing, and Bandwidth Shaping/management.

Or is it highly analytical?

  • Highly analytical, with extensive experience in residential and commercial construction as both an independent contractor and union contractor.
  • Highly analytical with strong problem-solving skills, repeatedly took on new challenges and delivered creditable and impressive results to senior leadership.
  • Highly analytical, with the ability to troubleshoot and problem solve. Mechanically inclined, enjoy figuring out how things work. Designed and built computer, including selecting and ordering components, installing components and software applications, testing operations, and debugging.
  • Highly analytical, well-trained civil engineer technician, with extensive experience in multiple CAD programs as well as hands-on construction experience and leadership.
  • Highly analytical, composed Registered Nurse, with extensive experience in health care and rehabilitation.
  • Highly analytical, evaluated overall HVAC system and turned up setup room-by-room to stabilize building temperature creating a comfortable working environment and increasing employee productivity.
  • RESOURCEFUL, ANALYTICAL MANAGER with extensive experience in fiscal management, cost controls, and inventory management.
  • As Analytical Consultant, managed analysis and interpretation of campaign results and delivered presentations to clients.
  • Highly analytical, with proven abilities in improving the bottom-line while excelling in hotel standards.

There were 621 files, including some worksheets in my resume storage area with the word “analytical” in them. These files date back to 1996. Quite a trip down memory lane for me. Fond memories of great people!

Should you use analytical your resume?

Analytical is a good word to describe the problem-solving that many of us do in many ways in different professions.

Can you think of examples to use in your resume, in your interviews, and in landing your next role!

Any suggestions for another word to examine?

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  1. Melissa Cooley on January 19, 2011 at 4:25 pm

    There are so many professions out there that need analytical individuals who pay attention to the details and can easily troubleshoot problems as they arise.

    A word I like to use in resumes is “focused.” What would be your take on that, Julie?

    • Julie Walraven on January 19, 2011 at 4:41 pm

      Ah, thanks for giving me a new challenge, Melissa. I like focused too… Look for upcoming blog post… 🙂

  2. Barb Poole on January 20, 2011 at 6:20 pm

    Analytical is a very marketable strength. I think the key is to assocaite it with a metric-driven statement–something very short (we DO live in the age of Smartphones and Twitter). Proof point with a skill that is definitely needed by most. Thanks for a thought-provoking post. There are words that have been overused. This doesn’t mean we dump them. We just do more selling than telling!

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