Resume Writing: How to avoid mistakes that cost jobs

Resume Writing: How to avoid mistakes that cost jobsDid you know resume writing is an art? If you write your resume correctly, you will win a new job.

When you don’t know the best practices of resume writing, you often fail to capture the attention of the reader.

You think a resume is a job description

If you write a resume like a job description, you will fail. While there are some creative job descriptions, most are boilerplate information downloaded into the job posting. Few are even customized to fit the role. In other words, job descriptions are generally boring. Don’t write your resume like a job description!

Resume writing focuses on the value you offer not the tasks or duties of the job.

How does resume writing different from a job description?

While as a professional resume writer I want to know what you do and the keywords for your industry, I want to capture the success in the role in a very different way. I am looking to find out what value you provided the company.

Resume writingHow did you make a difference in your job?

  • Increase revenue by 80% through selling more widgets?
  • Lower costs by 45% through identifying new vendors?
  • Capture a multi-million dollar new client by providing over-the-top customer service?
  • Find a solution for a difficult healthcare issue?

Where are the best places to capture attention on a resume?

Accountant resume writingWe read from the top. The first 1/2 to 1/3 of the first page has to capture the reader of your resume or you will be passed by for the next candidate.

IT Trainer resume writingHow do you make sure there is value at the top?


  • Position your best success stories at the top of the resume.
  • Inject industry and position keywords throughout the resume but especially at the top.
  • Write an engaging branding statement that brings out who you are and the value you bring.

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