Are you seeing the downside instead of the upside?

Are you seeing the downside instead of the upside?

It’s easy to see the downside. Many people tend to see negatives before they see positives. When there is a storm, we think of the rain before we think of the rainbow or the blessing that comes from rain.

I’m that way too but I work on trying not to keep looking at the downside.

Why always looking at the downside hurts your progress

When we look at the downside, we find ourselves missing opportunities to reach our goals. It ties with the glass half full or half empty philosophy. I think too many people get stuck in the half empty perspective.

I find that when I focus on what is going wrong, I struggle to get anything done and I don’t move forward. Wallowing feels good and we can find all kinds of other people who can find the bad all around them but few that look for the good.

A personal story about my business

I revitalized this business (Design Resumes) during the Great Recession. Despite what you may think, there weren’t more job seekers looking for professional help back then. If anything, people were even more likely to either try to do job search alone or they just gave up because they insisted that there were no jobs.

Did you know even during the Great Recession at the worst statistics of 20% employment, 80% of the people were still employed? Most people focus on the 20% and develop a “woe-is-me” philosophy.

But even the ones who were unemployed, if they really applied themselves or found creative ways to thrive, found work.

My business grew during that time because I found new ways to reach out, build my skills, and hired and expert to train me in marketing. There will always be upsides and downsides. I have down months and I admit like the unemployed person, I get scared. But that’s when I double down on my marketing and continue to do my best with the people who hire me to help them win their next job.

Take time to look for the upside

Job seekers need to do the same. No matter how bleak the future looks, find the upside. Keep networking. You have more resources available to research opportunities than ever. Google will get you an answer to any question in seconds.

Boost your skills and find ways to develop new ones that fit the changing workplace.

Don’t look at the downside, find the upside!  Need some help? I am here for you!

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