Send your resume to someone who reads resumes and improve hiring results

One of my biggest complaints with the job search process is hearing people say, “I only look at resumes for 3 seconds or 6 seconds!” There is nothing to be proud of there. All that tells me is that they are in such a rush to get through the pile that they are willing to toss away strong candidates.

Take time to get your resume to someone who reads resumes

One of the largest issues facing employers is hiring and then training the wrong fit for the job. Even at the low-end, a company invests $40,000 annually into employees. I would think they would care about getting the best. It takes me longer than 3 seconds to pick out a roast for dinner.

As an executive resume writer, I work with clients who are at the top of the salary limits. One would think a company would be careful not to toss away a great fit.

I’m not the only one who thinks this way, Hannah Morgan (Career Sherpa) just wrote an insightful article:

No One Said It Would Be Easy To Find the Hiring Manager

Write a compelling resume for someone who reads resumes

It isn’t easy to find the hiring manager but it is key to helping you move forward in the hiring process. You need to find someone who embraces hiring and reads resumes.

In my resume writing process, I get to know my clients very well. My personalized one-on-one writing process allows me to understand my clients. I teach you how to optimize LinkedIn to garner the attention of hiring managers and recruiters as well as how to use your network to find the hidden job targets.

I understand the urgency to get the job filled, but I think we move too fast and automate too much. More and more evidence is coming out that job boards are not the source of most of the hiring, yet job-seekers put most of their time on job boards because they are easy.

What if we just slowed down the process? Employers should spend some time really understanding the candidate before tossing them out. Job seekers should spend more time making sure they share a compelling argument for being hired.

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Send your resume to someone who reads resumes and improve hiring results

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