Is your resume stopping you from winning the interview?

No one wants to be the last one called or the one no one calls. It’s easy to blame the market.

  • There’s too much competition
  • Those online applications don’t work
  • They never see my application
  • I don’t even think my application got through

Sure, maybe. But many times your resume just isn’t making the cut. You aren’t winning the interview call because you are skipping steps or your resume just doesn’t show you can do the job.

Are you winning the interview?

  • Did you fill your resume with resume super stories and accomplishments to sell your value?
  • Did you fill the resume with keywords and lace keywords throughout your resume not just in one section?
  • Are your accomplishments quantified?
  • Did you strategize how you can better illustrate your talents maybe using a chart or graph or just including something more interesting?
  • Is your format interesting? You need to stand out from the competition?

Winning the Interview – More key components of job search

  • Did you write a targeted cover letter that specifically answers the question “why do you want the job?”
  • Is your LinkedIn profile fully optimized? If your resume looks even halfway interesting, savvy recruiters and hiring managers are going to check your LinkedIn profile to see what you look like online.

If you aren’t winning the interview, take a hard look at your resume. Strategically written resumes win interviews. Run of the mill resumes only work sometimes.

Need help? Hire me, Julie Walraven, Certified Master Resume Writer. I take the pain out of writing your resume and make it fun. We work together to discover those forgotten contributions and position you to win your next role. To find out how, Click Here.

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Is your resume stopping you from winning the interview?

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