Clueless about your resume career accomplishments?

How do you figure out what matters to the employer? Identifying your career accomplishments often stumps the job seeker when trying to write their resume.

What are resume career accomplishments?

Where do you look to find your resume career accomplishments? How do you find the career achievements that matter to the employer? Many times job seekers get stonewalled by the word accomplishments.

While the CAR formula is often used by resume writers to identify the Challenge Action Result, the difficulty for the job seeker is thinking about problem solving as an accomplishment. The word career accomplishment brings up visions of trophies or celebrations.

Often the accomplishments happen with little fanfare so you don't recognize them as accomplishments.

What questions should you ask to find the career accomplishments?

  1. Did you save the company money?
  2. Was there a problem that you solved that changed the way the company did business?
  3. Did you create a new training program that changed outcomes?
  4. Were you able to speed up a process through business transformation?
  5. Did you launch new products?

How I help you find your career accomplishments

My Design Resumes process is so different than the process used by most resume writers. I decided that I like having you work with me as I develop the resume and your other career marketing materials. This was the way I built my business through meetings in my Wisconsin office.

However, I recognized as technology changed I could deliver the same experience virtually. Today I use Zoom to create consultative sessions where you and I collaborate in the strategizing and writing of your project. By leveraging my extensive resume writing and career marketing experience combined with your knowledge of your industry and the work you have done, we find your career accomplishments together.

Identifying your career accomplishments is easier because I know what questions to ask. This enables us to create compelling career marketing documents to clarify your value for the hiring manager.

Career accomplishment examples for resumes

Use the bullets taken from client resumes in diverse industries and professions to understand how we position you as the job seeker:

  • Product Launch – Successfully launched new products, Clarinex (bringing goal attainment to 122%), Asmanex, and Vytorin, leveraging relationship selling to introduce and educate on new products in targeted market.
  • Program Development – Pioneered design and launch of evidence-based youth development program targeting inner-city/low-income youth ages 11 to 17 resulting in a 100% non-pregnancy rate and 98% improved knowledge of the importance of secondary education, physical fitness healthy lifestyle, and civic engagement.
  • Business Transformation – Revamped and restructured corporate invoicing system in Peachtree and transformed the dating system, significantly reducing processing time from three weeks to five days.
  • Cross-training Initiatives – Transformed department morale by implementing cross-training initiatives that elevated staff to a higher level of technology competency, improved staff retention, and motivated four staff members to complete the certification process.
  • Go-to-Market Strategy Designed innovative channel-focused Go-to-Market (GTM) strategy focused on building key strategic partnerships and direct customer focus, which firmly established Australian-based corporation as SAP’s first functioning Master Data offering, running within the SAP Cloud in North America.
  • Business Analysis – Significantly decreased Overseas Contingency Operation (OCO) funding program cost for taxpayers by $14.7M in four fiscal years, 53% cost reduction. Led forensic accounting team in finding $19.9M in savings, de-obligations, and corrections by identifying and rectifying old government accounting errors.

I could keep pulling out samples of career accomplishments all day. My clients' stories are amazing and I feel privileged to be able to help them take the next steps in their careers.

Are you stumped on how to best position yourself in your career? Do you need help articulating your value? My unique resume writing and career marketing process takes the pain away and helps you recognize your value. Check out your options here.

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