Are you setting unattainable goals?

Are you setting unattainable goals?Not long ago, I talked about goals versus resolutions and how it is important to not use January 1 as the only time you set goals. There are many ways to look at goal-setting and some people don’t even like the word, “goal.”

I do, though, because I find that far to many people don’t work from a goal-focused perspective. Working with job seekers for more than half my life has introduced me to many different types of people.

Some people come to me only because they have lost a job and are in a panic mode. I might not see them for years if ever again because they only want the job. Their vision doesn’t work beyond the “get a job” mindset. But there are other people who work from a goal-centric point and build on that throughout their lives. For most people, this is great but at times, it can result in frustration.

What is are unattainable goals?

Since I really like technology, it would make sense that I use apps to reach and check my goals. An app I use on my tablet is MyFitnessPal. I used it for a while and found nothing was changing, I didn’t lose weight. I lost the desire to use the app at all since it wasn’t rewarding me. Whether you believe in tracking calories or not, I find that I must have a way to measure progress and understand what is happening.

Recently, I had a light-bulb moment. I was setting unattainable goals. I had wanted to get in shape so badly that I set the calorie intake amount too low. Instead of being encouraged by the app, it was discouraging me. I set a more realistic goal (less pounds to lose a week) and that resulted in a higher caloric level. At the same time, I changed my diet to include more smoothies. Initial results are that I have finally broken the barrier and am starting to see some progress.

How do job seekers set unattainable goals?

When someone loses a job or is just ready to move on, they set at least mental goals for re-employment or a job change. Since the latest recession, it has become more difficult to land. I have some people who do land within two weeks or a month after we write the resume but usually those are people with exceptional talents who are in high demand. Most people take a minimum of two months from first meeting with me until they are hired. If you are not using the help of a professional, generally you need to add time to your search.

Assess your goals. If you are unemployed, make sure you rapidly secure the advice of an expert to help you move forward in your search. If you are contemplating a move in the near future, think about whether you have captured your success stories and have the right job search strategies and tools for today’s job market. If you are hoping to land within a short time, you may need to reconsider the timing.

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