How to show confidence even when you are running scared

How do you show confidence when you don’t feel it?

Confidence is a mindset. You focus on the positive even when facing what scares you.

Whether it is the economy, uncertainty of the future, or a job interview, focus your mind on the positive.

Easier said than done, right?

Show confidence in your skills, talents, and abilities. Think back to your most successful moments, your wins. Everyone has those moments if they think deep enough.

  • You’ve heard of fake it until you make it? Show confidence when you don’t feel it. Eventually you will feel it.
  • Boost your confidence by staying away from negative influences, whether it is people, TV, or social media.
  • Fill your mind with the positive (books, music, and nature) and work on staying healthy, taking walks or exercising.

How do I show confidence in my job search?

When you sound confident as you write cover letters or complete your resume with great value-filled resume stories, you will get a more positive response. People hire confident people.

If you are working on a networking plan to reach out to others to help you in your job search, sound confident.

  • Describe the contributions you can make to the company or the department.
  • Explain how you can help grow revenue, enhance organizational effectiveness, or execute process improvements.
  • Talk about your skills in mentoring and coaching leaders to boost productivity and reach higher levels in the company.
  • Demonstrate your talents in analyzing security situations to eliminate potential risks.

Do you understand your value?

As I work with my clients, we discuss their value and help uncover their contributions. I find that clients naturally become more confident as they learn ways to overcome what they consider their deficits and showcase their accomplishments.

When you show confidence, you make it easy for people to trust you. It is easier to see you as an expert in your field because people associate confidence with competence. Give it a try!

I can help you boost your confidence and help you show confidence in your job search. Learn more.

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