What is standing in the way of your dream job?

You know you have a dream job, right? Think about if you could do anything, what would it be? Most people never land their dream job because they are afraid of leaving their comfort zone.

When we are young like the boy in the photo, we dream big dreams. As we grow into adults, we often abandon those dreams and even fail to consider new dreams that strike us as what we want when we become adults.

We make excuses as to why we can’t really do what we want. No one will hire us. We don’t know as much as the pro in the field. Or the big one, we’ve never done it before.

Can I land my dream job?

On December 23, 2009, a young man listened to what I wanted to do next and spoke these words:

“You’ll never know unless you try.”

I immediately wrote an email that connected with a coach and hired him to teach me the skills I needed to get to the next level.

My goal? What was on my dream job list?

I wanted to make my business reach more people and help others reach their goals. My goal was to expand Design Resumes nationally and even globally to teach people how to find their dream jobs.

It was my goal to make this my sole source of income and use this newfangled communication called social media to let people know they could hire me to help them find their dream jobs.

Writing has always been in my blood from younger than that boy in the photo. Helping others has also always been my goal. As a career professional who combines writing with coaching in interactive sessions, I can meet both goals.

In 2009. I wanted to transform my business, Design Resumes, from primarily localized to national — in the midst of a global recession. That was my dream and now I work with people from students to top executives and help them find their dream jobs.

Can you do it?

There are ways to get to any goal. You have to define the goal. What is it that you are afraid you will fail at but makes you smile when you think of actually doing it?

What occupies your dreams? Is there an industry, field, or job that you know you could do if you had the chance?

You can continue to play it safe. Or you can take that next step.

Land your dream job! I help job seekers via interactive and personalized strategic coaching sessions to land their ideal job and achieve career happiness. Find out how to create your resume writing and job search solution here!

Image courtesy of Teddy Kelley at UnSplash.com

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