How to stop being counterproductive. Don't delay career goals!

How to stop being counterproductive by not delaying career goalsWe don’t talk about being counterproductive much at all but delaying any kind of goal is always counterproductive. Let’s examine why we delay goals and why the reasons are counterproductive.

Fear is counterproductive

For example, I delayed remodeling my kitchen for years. The biggest reason is fear. It’s a big expense if I want to do it right. I am also trying to get out of debt. Yet, the kitchen is my favorite room in the house so the delay has definitely been counterproductive.

If I ever sell the house, the kitchen will hold back the sale so my logic of waiting doesn’t even work.

The good news is that I am moving forward this year. The cabinets and countertops are ordered and you will hear more about the kitchen going forward. I swallowed my fears to reach my goal.

Job seekers are often counterproductive

Sometimes the reason job seekers delay career goals is lack of knowledge. They don’t know how to correctly make the next career move so they stay in their old job. Or they go about it the wrong way and get frustrated.

  • Perhaps their resume is too long
  • Maybe the resume sounds too much like a job description
  • If they are on LinkedIn, they either are bare bones with details or they don’t attract readers with their content
  • Even if they get those things right, they don’t know how to find the people to hire them and their resume ends up in the black hole

However, even though I am going forward with my goal, I’m not the one who is building the kitchen. My construction skills are minimal. My contractor son who has built multiple houses will lead the project and for technical support, we will hire a plumber and other specialists.

If you don’t have the knowledge of resume writing, LinkedIn, or current job search strategies, consider hiring me to help you stop being counterproductive and stop delaying your career goals.

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