Stop holding your breath – Plan your job search

I get it. We have been all holding our breath waiting for the next shoe to drop. But stop it! It is time for the brave, strategic job seekers to move.

How to stop holding your breath and plan your job search

My business, Design Resumes, has been busy throughout this COVID-19 time frame. The client load has been slightly lighter but I have been working with both new and former clients to help them navigate these difficult times.

For those of you unaware, the Design Resumes process that I created to help job seekers thoroughly prepare to land their next role is totally interactive and always has been primarily virtual even for those people living in Central Wisconsin. Zoom has enhanced the ability for me to deliver personalized services with the interaction throughout the delivery of their choice of services.

If you need help to stop holding your breath, I am here

You may think that there is no hope and you will never work again. I assure you there will be plenty of jobs but you may need to pivot and keep a close eye on the market place.

As we work together, I work hard to help you dispel that negative thinking that infects all of us. Yes even me!

My consultative strategy allows you to voice those concerns as we work together. I have resources and tools to make you one of the best-prepared job seekers on the planet.

Stop holding your breath!

If you are sitting on your hands waiting for this all to go away before you take action, you will miss the bus.

These have been hard times. I get it! I struggled along with many of you to figure out how to move forward but I think the messaging can change now. You may not yet be able to get out of your house and return to your former routine but you can prepare for the job market as it evolves.

By capturing your story in your resume and translating it to your resume, you will find ways to position yourself for the new opportunities that emerge as we learn to pivot.

Teaching director to executive clients how to successfully navigate LinkedIn, improve their visibility, and identify their network has been key to many successful job-winning new roles.

I am a triple-certified professional resume writer and career coach who helps you as a director to executive job seeker clarify your value in your career marketing. I coach you to better market yourself through virtual consultative and interactive Zoom sessions. Investigate your investment options here.
Stop holding your breath - Plan your job search

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