Stop the struggle by showcasing value on LinkedIn

Are you showcasing value on LinkedIn? Social media isn’t the new kid on the block anymore.

Unfortunately, there are still many people who don’t understand how to make LinkedIn and social media strategies work for them to find jobs or grow business.

What does showcasing value on LinkedIn mean?

Resume writers talk about showcasing your value often but many people fail to do it in the resume and if they get that far, they strip their LinkedIn profile.

You have more opportunity to showcase your value on LinkedIn than you do on a resume.

  • A resume generally is two to three pages long but LinkedIn has many more opportunities to create innovative content.
  • Your story can be told in multiple ways on LinkedIn. You can choose the voice that fits you best and share data that helps the reader understand your value.
  • You can and should be using LinkedIn’s link options to illustrate your skills by sharing relevant documents, videos, photos, links, or PowerPoint presentations. This creates the potential for interaction with your audience by showcasing value using a portfolio strategy. I have three student clients who have linked videos they created and articles they have written. Some of my executive clients have linked projects and websites that illustrate prior success stories. Show and tell.

Do you have projects or publications?

In addition to linking to articles or videos connected to the roles you held, LinkedIn provides other sections for projects and publications to showcase those items and even show your collaborators or co-authors.

Are you showcasing value on LinkedIn?

When LinkedIn first rolled out, many of us were clueless about how to best use it but today there is little excuse for someone who doesn’t have a LinkedIn profile.

Your chances of being found by a hiring manager is so much higher if you have a fully optimized LinkedIn profile than if you subscribe to bare bones strategies. Keywords are critical and weaving them into your stories on LinkedIn will help you be found by hiring managers.

From a recent client who won his new Vice President role:

Really appreciate your help; the HR director picked up my profile on LinkedIn as soon as we updated it.

The resume is still key to building the content for showcasing value and still critical in the application process. Your LinkedIn presence will enable you to be found by people you didn’t even know were looking for you.

Are you using the right strategies to showcase your value? Through 2016, all three of my packages have both LinkedIn and the resume included along with other key job search strategies. Don’t miss the opportunity to have your LinkedIn profile showcase your value!

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