When did you stop trying to improve?

When did you stop trying to improve?Did you stop trying to improve? One of the common issues with job seekers and people in general is the many times they just quit. Life gets frustrating and they just stop. They settle for good enough.

Sometimes everything looks bleak. No hope on the horizon. At some point, you just settle for same old, same old.

Don’t stop trying to improve!

All of us have bad days but if you give it and throw in the towel, you lose. People who think they can’t do any better than what they have now will stay exactly where they are. It is only when you put your heart into improving where you are that you will be able to move forward.

As I speak with job seekers, I listen to the frustrations of trying to find the right role and getting out of your comfort zone but I really believe there are more opportunities to improve your lot in life than ever before.

The problem is that we became a nation of “settlers.” We settle for second best when we could have the best. We might have to work harder. Give up some play time. Forego some luxuries but if we try hard, we can turn the corner.

How can we improve?

  • One of the biggest regrets I hear from people is that they wish they had finished school. Do you know how much easier that is than ever before? Online education is something you can do one class at a time from the comfort of your own home!
  • Another regret is not understanding technology. Start by not seeing it as something to be feared. People often ask where I learned my technology skills. The answer is I have a curious mind. I love finding new technology and getting it to work for me. Sure there are times it drives me crazy but I make sure I surround myself with resources and people who have the answers.
  • Other people regret not moving up but they have done nothing to make themselves stand out. The winning people I work with as clients all have the same thing in common. They set goals, they work hard, and they reach for the next level.

When I was getting ready to launch Design Resumes as a solo business, when I hesitated, a young man said, “You won’t know if you don’t try.” You won’t improve if you don’t try!

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