Is "good enough" going to get you a job?

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Every once in awhile someone asks me or another resume writer to write just the cover letter. They don’t need a resume they say — because the resume they have is “good enough.”

Well maybe…

  • If one of my colleagues wrote the resume but then I would suspect “Excellent” would be a better word.
  • And maybe if the someone spent days reading resume books, understanding the philosophy behind today’s job search and what makes a resume stand out in this economic climate against tough competition, and worked on fine-tuning their accomplishments so that they attract the interest of hiring managers, yes, maybe then their resume is good enough.

But what the person is usually are telling me is that they only want to pay for the cover letter because they don’t see the value in investing in a complete resume package much less a customized job search and career marketing package.

My clients who use Design Resumes for their career marketing and resume writing needs, however, want to stand out. They don’t want a “good enough” resume. They want to win the new position. In fact, my clients don’t just want to win the new position, they want to be able to negotiate for the salary and the benefits that they want. And guess what? They do just that!

A client I started working with in June was re-employed three weeks later in July. Here’s the beginning of his LinkedIn profile:

Throughout my career, I have thrived on challenges. If you tell me it can’t be done, I will find a way and get it done. I have had a unique ability to help the customer discover a desire for the product or service that they didn’t know they had.

I am skilled at reading people. I surprise people by telling them things that they can’t figure out how I knew about them. I have never walked out of a negotiation and not closed the deal. For me, Failure is not an option!

He is my favorite kind of client. He gets it! He’s a Regional Sales Manager and he negotiated for a much better deal than he was offered and he got it!

For him, there is no “good enough!” How about you?


  1. Gavin Ryan on October 11, 2011 at 6:34 am

    Hi Julie,

    So many people get caught in the trap of it’s good enough! Rather than that is the best I can do.I fell into that trap once or twice in my younger days. Being the best you can be is hard work but more rewarding!!
    If I ever need a resume writer I want you!!
    Another enjoyable post.
    Thank you!

  2. Gia on October 20, 2011 at 7:26 pm

    I feel that resume and job cover letter complement one another. Merely a good cover letter is not completely enough to get a job. If resume wasn’t important then a hiring managers could have never called for it. I’m both good resume and well crafted resume cover letter are imperative for securing that highly desired job.

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