Supercharge your job search! It takes action to get hired

branded-fe1-300x200 Supercharge your job search! It takes action to get hiredHow do you supercharge your job search? I coach job seekers every day and the biggest misconception is that there is a magic formula to get noticed.

Of course, it makes sense to write an excellent resume as well as create a dynamic and compelling LinkedIn summary leading into your complete LinkedIn profile.

But the best resume and wonderful LinkedIn profile only work if you are a one-of-a-kind, everyone-must-have-you type of candidate. Sadly, most people don’t have that level of unique talent.

However, there is hope for you even if you don’t have that special skill an employer wants.

You can supercharge your job search with the phone

Very few job seekers like hearing me tell them the phone is the secret but it is!

You figure out the companies you want to work at and then you find contacts to help you get in the door.

Yes, you will get ignored. Some people will not know how to help. Others will not return your calls and it will be frustrating. However, playing point and click with ATS systems is frustrating too.

To get hired, you need to figure out who needs your skills.

Next, you need to find a way to talk to a decision maker. Make yourself valuable. Be the solution they need. 

This is what work is all about. Ultimately, employers hire people to solve their problems. You position yourself to be the solution.

This may sound like old-fashioned job search and it is but it also works in 2018. Not only do I write resumes, provide LinkedIn training, and craft winning LinkedIn profiles, I also help you take the mystery out of job search by answering your tough questions. Need help?

Photo by Zac Durant on Unsplash