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Are you wallowing in your life problems?

Wallowing never solved anything but every day someone is wallowing in their problems and not taking action. What is wallowing? When I use the word, Wallowing, I mean “to become or remain helpless.” Sometimes people think their problems are bigger than anyone else’s problems. At times, even I have felt that way but I also…

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How far do I go back in my resume?

From the “Ask the Resume Writer series” A job seeker writes: Hi Julie, How far back should you include work history especially if you have had a number of jobs? Thanks! How far do I go back in my resume? The answer? The famous resume writer reply, “It depends.” Use a chronological history of a 10 to…

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How to improve your resume in 3 easy steps

Improve your resume? Writing a resume is one of the things that many people dread. The concept of resume writing often comes from stale-outdated textbooks and English classes in high school and college. The myths of resume writing is drilled into the heads of job seekers and they are afraid to make any changes that break what…

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