What is stopping you from taking action?

Taking action is tough. You make excuses. Everyone finds it easier to sit on their hands.

I get it. I find taking action tough too!

Despite the numerous tools I use to stay on track I also make excuses. Today I got up early and I cleaned up all the prospects in my database that were pending. I sent emails, eliminated some that I wondered why I kept.

I should have used the phone but I started at 6am central. That’s my excuse. I sent 16 emails. I’ve already heard back from several, even ones I marked as lost.

But I also resolved to call all new prospects when I have a number.

Job seekers find it hard to take action

It is easy to point and click to avoid actually contacting humans. I know sometimes it is hard to even use email but email is the easy choice. The harder choice is the phone.

What is stopping you from taking action?

Are you afraid of falling? Or are you afraid of failing? You’ve probably heard it said that we think we can’t fail if we don’t try. But you have already failed when you don’t try. You failed to give success a chance.

I think this is the toughest thing that job seekers face. The fear of the NO.

So make yourself act, put one foot forward. Do it today. And use the phone!

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