Top 4 reasons your work email could damage your job search

It’s very tempting to quickly write an email to a job prospect or even a resume writer using your work email. You think there isn’t a problem or you are in a hurry.

It isn’t a big deal because no one’s watching, right? Wrong!

Why not use your work email in a job search?

Company policies continually change.

More and more companies check email.

Using company computers for personal use is against many company policies.

Some companies have a zero tolerance policy on personal use of company computers for any reason.

Don’t think you won’t be caught! Companies continually enhance their ability to check up on employees. With every cloud application, security risks are growing. The need for email security is growing due to phishing attacks, identity theft issues, and email spoofing.

Top 4 reasons using your work email could damage your job search

  1. You could be fired. For some companies, even the idea an employee is looking is enough for dismissal. If you just look at other employment options, you might find yourself without your current job.
  2. Sending personal email with your work account could affect your current job status. Even if you don’t get fired, in the eyes of the boss you may be seen as someone who cannot be trusted. You might lose promotions or even be demoted.
  3. Your target company may be offended. If you apply with a work email, your loyalty could be seen as questionable by the company who is hiring you.
  4. When you use your work email on LinkedIn, you could struggle to access your account when you leave or worse, you could lose all your contacts.

There are many more reasons not to use your company email. If you use your work email, find an alternative email for your job search to use on your resume, cover letters, and on LinkedIn.

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Top 4 reasons your work email could damage your job search

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