How to look for jobs as an unemployed job seeker

As an unemployed job seeker, should your job search be different from someone who is in a job? Yes! 

What does an unemployed job seeker need to do differently?

Yesterday one executive level client sent me an email asking why he couldn’t find himself when he searched on LinkedIn for VP of Information Technology  or IT Supply chain system.

He figured that was why recruiters weren’t finding him. I searched for him. Yup, there were 46,000 hits on LinkedIn for VP of Information Technology and 4500+ in Greater New York where he lives. Lost in a crowd. IT Supply Chain System isn’t much different.

He must have heard that if you get your LinkedIn profile right you will be found by recruiters. And you could be — if you have the special skill set the company the recruiter represents needs.

Critical items for any job search

  • Value-filled resume with stories about how you helped your companies in the past. A resume that sells you!
  • Optimized LinkedIn profile filled with keywords for your field and talent
  • Make sure you have a great photo on LinkedIn (not dark, not yellow or green, smiling, not scruffy…)

Turn your job search to active mode

Wanting recruiters to find you on LinkedIn is great but being found works best for passive candidates. Who is a passive candidate? Someone who is already employed.

If you are an unemployed job seeker, you need to become an active job seeker. Supposing you already have your critical items above,  next, work on this:

  • Do the research. What companies do you want to work for? What companies hire people like you?
  • Leverage LinkedIn to find people in those companies who are in roles that hire people like you. You are not looking for HR, but directors of departments or at the executive level, you are looking for executives in charge of your area.
  • Do deep research to find phone numbers. Don’t be afraid to call companies if you can’t find a number online.
  • Ask for an introduction from friends to people who you think can help.
  • Use the phone! 
  • Keep calling after you get a NO. No is one step closer to YES.
  • Don’t use your age as an excuse. I have heard success stories from many of my 50+ and 60+ clients. But they do the work.

Don’t wait for the call, Make the call!

My heart breaks for people when I know they have a great resume but they can’t seem to make their job search work. The unemployed job seeker can’t be a passive job seeker. They don’t have time to wait for someone to call them.

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