Jobsearch 101: Is this a good time to talk?

"Is this a good time for you to talk?" When you make your next phone call or contact, put that title phrase into your head.

Check if it is a good time to talk in a job search call

When you are in job search mode or business networking mode, you need to always remember that just because it is convenient for you to talk at a certain time, it may not be for the person you are calling.

Conversation Starter

If you start each conversation — even a pre-scheduled call or Zoom call with "Is this a good time for you to talk?" you are showing respect to the person you are speaking with and giving them the opportunity to reschedule.

On the other hand, if you come into a call with an agenda or control the conversation, you leave a bad taste in your contact's mind. You may blow the opportunity to take the networking contact or initial call to an employer to the next level.

Winning and Losing Conversation Starters

We've all had both kinds of phone calls. Just today, I had both kinds. One was from someone who would like to talk about a mutual contact and get some feedback.

She started the conversation with, "Is this a good time to talk?"

As it turned out, I was driving with a friend who had just gone out to lunch with me. I asked the caller if we could talk later today, and we will. Potentially this caller may be a new client but I would have been rude to my friend (who was also a client) if I spent the time on the phone. I also wouldn't have the clarity of mind to do justice to her call.

The next call was minutes later

That caller was obviously a telemarketer with an agenda. She not only didn't ask if it was a good time to talk but she jumped right into her spiel most of which I couldn't understand.

The phrase that I did hear was, "We will be sending 10 copies of X to your office..." At which point, I interrupted and said, "No, don't send anything and I would appreciate being removed from your list. Thank you... Goodbye."

See the difference? Your phone is critical in your job search.

What are you going to say when you start your next call?

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Jobsearch 101: Is this a good time to talk?

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