What 3 things are you going to do better in 2017?

What 3 things are you going to do better in 2017?This is that time of year when we all focus on what we are going to do better. What are you going to improve, enhance, correct, or exceed? Many times those who call them resolutions are throwing in the towel before noon on January 1.

I no longer officially make resolutions. I believe in continuous improvement. You see those words in industry often. If you develop an attitude of continuous improvement, you don’t stagnate.

Throughout the year, I try to keep improving. Of course I fail sometimes. Failure is essential for you to succeed but you have to be willing to get back up, dust yourself off, and as the song says… “Start all over again.”

My top 3 things I will do better in 2017

  1. Take better care of me. 6+ years of total focus on growing my business has made me unfit. My back has started acting up with bouts of excruciating pain. See below for my first step.
  2. Stay connected with clients and build a better follow-up system. Solo entrepreneurs struggle with the problem of trying to offer client service, do marketing, and keep in touch. See below for what I will do to make this happen.
  3. Manage office paperwork better. Goes with #2. Too much incoming and not enough system. See below for actionable steps.
  4. Oh there is much more so I am going to leave these at the top and build out a longer list of things for action later. Continuous improvement, you see.

What actionable steps will I take to work on my top 3 things?

  1. Health steps — I already made an appointment with a chiropractor. I didn’t have to think twice about which one. This one is one in my network, actually, I have more than one but I have known this one for years and know their reputation. Always research experts and word of mouth is amazing.
  2. Customer Relationship Management Follow up steps — Last year I asked for a recommendation for a CRM and someone in my network with expertise in working for a major CRM (hear that? Word of Mouth recommendations) recommended Pipedrive. I am still building it but feel confident that I can use it going forward. Combined with Todoist, my Task tracker, I am excited about planning.
  3. Organizational Management — Again, I use Todoist to help me. I just have to build tasks and schedule them instead of letting me procrastinate. I also have used Flylady (Don’t laugh at the name, her systems and tools, when I follow and use them, make me so much more successful!

None of the above are affiliate links, I just love them enough to share.

What are the top 3 things you are going to do better in 2017?

If one of your top 3 things you are going to do better in 2017 involves job search, let me know. I would be happy to be your guide and help you get over any roadblocks stopping you from successfully winning your outstanding new job.

Key to any changes and doing things better are actionable steps. A wishing and hoping is one thing but to really success, you have to create the plan and then work the plan. Today there are experts and tools for almost any need.

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