What are you going to do differently in 2015?

What are you going to do differently in 2015?

You know the definition of insanity, right? Or at least the one most commonly quoted, attributed to Albert Einstein:

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

I ask you then, what do you plan to do differently in 2015?

Many people struggle with being in a rut. We want something different, we want different results, but when it comes to putting the pedal to the metal as they say, we falter or fall back into comfortable, easy ruts and not strike out and do something different.

How job seekers stay in the same rut

I see this with job seekers often. They want a new role but they fall back into familiarity. Even armed with new tools like a new resume, they fall back into using it exactly the same way. They apply online using what my colleague and friend, Melissa Cooley from The Job Quest, likes to call the spray and pray strategy. In that article, she goes on to say:

If you use “spray and pray” as your sole tactic, you are accessing less than 20% of all available jobs. That’s not much ground being covered there.

Yes, she did say 20%. While it is much more work to research opportunities that fit your qualifications, watch for companies about to make a big move, and then talk to the companies yourself before the job is posted, this is exactly what will get you better results. With Google as your assistant, you can get much more information, much more quickly than ever before. Harness the power of technology in your job search to make a difference.

  • Google “Most promising companies in 2015” Change the key words to fit your needs and narrow the search by setting the time to past month or past year in the search tools.
  • Get specific by filling in your industry or locality.
  • Watch the news and read newspapers. Watch for headlines that tell you that companies are expanding, adding more locations, or launching a new service.
  • CareerCloud has made it easy with the Hidden Jobs Leads, an aggregate to headlines countrywide. It even comes in an app so you can take it with. Search by state or field and learn about potential opportunities.

The confusion about networking

Many people equate networking with either big meetings where you meet large numbers of people and pass around business cards or calling all your friends and telling them you need a job. If this is the way you always network or why you avoid networking, this is why you are probably not successful in your job search. Neither option is how I define networking. Networking is neither done in mass or done only when you are in need. People who have effective networks spend time nurturing those networks. They may do it today with social media but the telephone still reinforces networks.

Truly dedicated networkers may use strategies my mother always used. My mom was a card sender and letter writer. She kept up with connections all year around. Some were family members but others were people she connected with at one time who still sent the occasional letter. Mom had a friend who shared her passion for reading and even when that friend moved miles away to another state later in life, they corresponded, sending notes about good books and just keeping in touch right up until Mom died. Even family members got letters from Mom. If something was on her heart, she sent what we called MIP letters – her initials in the upper corner. Many times they were her voice when she couldn’t say what was on her heart. We still treasure the MIP letters remaining.

However you decide to network, know that you are much more effective with a personal touch. Keep those connections going and make an effort to know what is going on in the lives around you. You will be rewarded when you have a larger need by a vibrant network who will respond with a solution.

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