What choices are you making today?

What choices are you making today?You may not even realize how many choices you have each day.

You have a choice to wake up each morning, get out of bed, and get started with your day.

For many of you, that may mean going to work or school, for others it may mean a list of things you hope to accomplish. For me and many other entrepreneurs, it means examining my schedule and determining projects I need to do and deadlines I need to meet.

What if I don’t want choices?

You can choose to work on a project or not work on it but there will be consequences. It won’t get done.

Many people avoid certain tasks and hope they will go away but they rarely do. If you don’t empty your inbox, it will continue to grow and you may find that you miss important deadlines because you buried the critical email.

Whether it is email or laundry, you get to choose. But there are consequences!

Every time you put off doing something, there will be a consequence. I work hard to eliminate the things I put off. I spent three days cleaning up emails and during this process, I realized I made choices. I made many choices while cleaning several thousand emails. I put new processes in place to deal with future emails and time will tell if I have found a workable solution.

Choosing not to choose

When you choose not to choose, it is still a choice with consequences. You can avoid acting on the choices in front of you but if you do, someone will make decisions for you.

If you choose to spend all weekend partying or drinking, you may not want to choose to get up for work.

If you choose not to get up for work, someone may choose to end the job for you, especially if you are regularly not choosing to get up.

For today, think about your choices and how many you make each day. You have the opportunity to choose, choose wisely.

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