What inspires Career Change or Career Reinvention?

Many people come to me to find the best role fitting their heart’s desire. This may not be their current occupation, career path, or direction.

What inspires career change?

A quick glimpse of some of the clients I am currently working with:

  • A Real Estate Development | Finance leader in Chicago who likes to fix what is broken and would like to lead in a role that lets her help drive change.
  • A Process Control Engineer who pivoted to Early Career Development in Atlanta who is ready for the next leadership role.
  • A Vice President of a company providing consulting in Texas looking to pivot an executive role with companies who value ESG – (Environmental, social, and corporate governance).

My job as a resume writer and career professional?

Tell their stories in their resumes and LinkedIn and provide them coaching on the best strategies for securing their targeted roles in 2021.
I believe people should be excited about work. They should look forward to starting a new day, a new week, or a new month. The work should challenge them and inspire them.

What happens when work doesn’t inspire?

When you start the day dreading going to work (even when work is at home and at the other end of your house), it is a self-fulfilling prophecy that you will have a bad day.

In another article, I talked about the toxic work environment and why you should leave. This is the worst-case scenario. But you don’t have to get to the toxic level to need a career change.

How do I work with people who desire career change?

The first step is listening. My interactive process creates the opportunity for me to question the client in a personalized interview session via Zoom. We identify where they want to go and then delve into the work they have done to find ways that align with their future goals.

Conversational Style of Resume Writing

This conversational style of resume writing has worked for thousands of people throughout the years who desire to progress to the next leadership level, transition to another segment in the same industry, or even pivot to a brand new industry using the same skills or newly acquired skills.

Conversational means the client is present with me as I write, articulating their talents and helping me identify the transitional skills and resume stories. I get more out of the client by listening to their stories than I would by just rewriting an aging resume.

The energy that comes from understanding someone’s goals and dreams then becomes easy to translate into documents to sell the job seeker for the next role.

Sometimes, we repoint skills to take advantage of their expertise but emphasize a new area.

What are you looking for?

For example, I worked with Chief Financial Officers who desire to do more than crunch the number, they want to have a role in strategy or provide guidance and direction to the company.

In one instance, a client won a new role as a CFO in a company that specifically works with start-ups, providing expert advice to companies just launching their products or services or in the early stages of development when other companies might just wing it.

Do career changes always work?

To be honest, sometimes people find that the grass wasn’t greener but even in those cases, clients told me that they were so happy to have explored their options.

I remember long ago working with someone who was in manufacturing his entire career. I asked him what he really wanted to do. He said he wanted to go fishing. He participated in Walleye Tournaments and he wanted to do something that would get him in that direction.

Career change for fishing

We targeted his resume with the stories of his success in the walleye world and he landed a sales role selling fishing boats in the summer and snowmobiles in the winter. That worked for a while but a few years later he returned for me to rewrite to take him back to manufacturing. He found that while he was out on the water demoing boats, he kept wishing he was fishing.

However, the lesson he learned was that he experienced another career path, evaluated it, and found that he wanted to keep his passion as his hobby but not as his career.

Are you ready for a career change? Do you want to explore new opportunities or grow in another aspect of your career? Learn more.

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What inspires Career Change or Career Reinvention?

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