What if you find yourself hating to go to work?

What if you find yourself hating to go to work?Are you hating to go to work? While all of us have bad days sometimes, there are times when you know that you can’t endure another day at work.

Some people will tell you simply to suck it up and take it.

Maybe you should for a little while, but there will come a time when you are getting physically ill often because you are trying so hard to make it through the day.

Hating to go to work? Do you stay or do you find a new job?

Some people will hang on to a job like this for as long as the job is there. They may adjust their behavior so that they fit in but they are stifling their personality just to cope with the job. Let’s look at some of the potential causes for hating to go to work:

  • You work with a toxic personality. Some are on a power trip and anyone who gets in their way will be axed, incapacitated, publicly rebuked, or otherwise pushed out of their way.
  • Maybe someone is breaking the law. If you know someone is deliberately committing fraud or some other kind of corporate crime, get organized with showcasing your value, update your resume, and move on.
  • You took the job because you needed a job but it doesn’t match your talents or the job you would like to have.  

I believe that people need to be happy in life and if they are not, they should change things.

For some people, that may mean a new job. If that is you, do it right!

Don’t jump into a new role without carefully preparing for the best possible new job you can find.

It may take soul-searching and it will take effort but in the end, being happy is exactly the right prescription for a new job.

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