When An Interview Expands

One of my Design Resumes clients called in this morning to gave me a recap of her interview yesterday. She has agreed to let me share her story. I’ll let you know how the interview went soon, but first some background.

How an interview expands

I updated and refocused the client’s resume on Monday afternoon and submitted her resume for two positions in the dental field. I worked with this client previously for positions in other industries so I gained her trust.

I coached her to prepare that the dental field in our area is fairly saturated and many of the new dental hygiene graduates apply for dental assistant or lab positions to get their foot in the door. After leading resume and career development seminars to students in the dental hygiene program for the 7 or 8 years, I understand the market.

My client has 11 years of prior experience as a Chairside Assistant but it isn’t within the last 10 years. The positions were advertised on Career Builder.

I train my clients to network whenever possible, so I cautioned her it might be challenging to get an interview. Job boards should not be the primary source for open positions. Work on actual networking whenever possible.

Interview Scheduled

Amazingly, she called to say she was scheduled for an interview at one of the two targets. We talked about her objectives. She was nervous but determined to make a good impression.

The Interview Expands

This morning she called to share what happened. The interview scheduled at 11am with an orthodontist was very detailed. After meeting with him and answering a battery of questions, she went to work with the dental assistant and go over instruments, procedures, and other details of the job.

She was asked to return to the practitioner and he expanded on prior information. He asked her if she would like to return in the afternoon to observe. She agreed she would and spent the afternoon watching the staff work directly with patients.

This interview ended up to be about four hours of her day yesterday but she left feeling as though it would be a great place to work.

I am well aware of team interviews and detailed company tours for many positions as well as multiple interviews for a position, but this was still unusual from my experience.

My client’s attitude was excellent. We discussed questions and her answers and agreed that it went very well. She shared the dentist from the other position also contacted her and gave her a phone interview.

She was off to write a thank you note after I coached her on what content to include.

What did I learn?

Career Builder postings can result in quick responses and interview requests. Interviews can surprise you, so be prepared for longer time commitments.

Interviewing styles differ from position to position, company to company.

What can you learn

Be prepared for the unusual and stay positive throughout the experience. Each interview opportunity is the chance to learn more about interviews in general, build confidence, and grow in industry knowledge.

Practice good business etiquette in every phase of the job search. Never forget the thank you note.

This is an example for an entry level career. However, I hear the same stories from executive level clients who experience new challenges in interviewing or job search process. Be prepared.

I write interactively with a coaching and collaborative style. Learn more here.

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