Why consistency is the best approach for job search

Why consistency is the best approach for job searchConsistency? Consistency really matters in your job search and many people struggle with it. A leading indicator for failure in anything is lack of consistency.

I know how easy it is to be inconsistent

Take my blog for example. If you are one of the readers who gets my blog posts by email, you may have noticed that there are inconsistencies in my delivery of posts. Last month in July, I wrote frequently. This month I started out strong and then lapsed for almost 20 days. It isn’t even writer’s block. I’ve just been busy doing other things and not prioritizing blogging.

Lack of consistency can be anywhere

I’m also a gardener. I get all excited in spring, waiting for planting time but when it comes to weeding, I am not always consistent. Fortunately, my husband is a big help there and we at least keep most of the yard and gardens under control. This year after I fell in December, I just had no desire to try to tame my multi-tiered rock garden, which was overgrown with grass and other weeds. (See photo below)

Why consistency is the best approach for job searchFinally, I hired one of my former clients who has a degree in horticulture and landscaping to rethink and redo the rock bed. It was more than I could handle without help from an expert.

She recognized the problems and figured out solutions to eliminate the weeds and volunteer plants that took over the garden.

In addition, she recognized the value of consistency in how the plants were organized. Finally, she added a two-inch or more depth of wood mulch to keep future weeds under control.

Why consistency is the best approach for job searchNext year it will be even better but already it has much more eye appeal. (see photo at right)

When you can’t be consistent, it is Ok to ask for help. I asked for help and though it took an investment, it was definitely worthwhile.

How do you lack consistency in your job search?

Job seekers tell me that they start out with a plan but once they get a rejection letter, they just find it hard to keep applying. I coach the majority of my clients in LinkedIn and some start networking and building more connections rapidly. For many of those clients, they land new jobs rapidly. Others struggle with hitting 100 connections.

All of this is due to lack of consistency. You start and then stop. But it doesn’t have to be that way, acknowledge the inconsistencies and take action. For my blog problem, all I had to do was prioritize the time and start writing again. For the rock garden, I could have done it myself, I built and rebuilt it over the years but after I fell and broke my pelvic bone, I think I better stay off the rocks. My investment helped the young student and her skills benefited the rock bed. If you need help with job search, professional help may be the solution.

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