Why I insist on writing targeted cover letters

Why I insist on writing targeted cover lettersWhat are targeted cover letters?

How you differentiate your value in targeted cover letters

Sales and Marketing professionals understand this. They recognize that the message has to be tailored to the reader. A client sent me two job descriptions rapidly to help me write his cover letters for Director of Sales and Marketing positions in the Information Technology industry yesterday and he pinpointed the specific direction he was headed. IT is extremely broad and I can’t write the same cover letter for a hardware company as a specific software application. Nor can I write a cover letter to fit a Director of Sales and Marketing in IT that will fit a Director of Sales and Marketing in industrial sales. Different products, different approaches.

Not just a cover – its a Marketing Letter

A cover letter is not just a letter that sits on top of your resume. The cover letter is a sales and marketing tool to position you for a specific job opportunity or at least job title or role within a specific company. I use components of job descriptions to craft very specific cover letters that showcase your gifts and talents that will make you the ideal candidate for the job.

Asking me to write a generic cover is pointless!

The personalized services in all of my offerings is what differentiates me from other types of resume services that simply crank out documents to fit your occupation. Everything I produce must align with your brand and your value. This is the mark of a true professional resume writer, we are your marketing department for your job search or career journey.

At Design Resumes, you only work with me, the owner and the certified professional resume writer. My service is very personalized because I want to be the one who helps you reach your career goal. The career marketing likewise has to be personalized for you. It can’t fit any job or any role with any company.

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