Why some people stay unemployed longer than others

This is a tough subject because there are so many variables. I watched the Trapped in Unemployment segment with Scott Pelley on 60 minutes last night featuring a project called Platform to Employment launched by The WorkPlace and led by Joe Carbone. For the most part, I agreed with the project and the method.

Unemployed people who have become long-term unemployed need the support of a program like this which includes morale-building exercises, job search strategies, and internships in companies for people who are not students but well-qualified professionals who have been out of the workforce. I even agree that the methods of communicating within job search have changed.

The misconception of what a resume is

I struggled a little with the blatant statement :

Instructor: The resume. The resume very soon will become an obsolete tool in the job search process.

This is typical of the misconception of what a resume is and I will continue to believe that the resume is the foundation of the job search. The misconception comes from the fact that through the years people have been taught about a resume as if it is a piece of paper filled with duties. A professional resume writer uses the resume to mine for your accomplishments and builds a foundation for your job search based on getting you to focus on what your skills, talents, and value is that you will bring to the next job. But overall, the project looks like it is very valuable.

The reason for unemployment lasting longer for some people

I believe though that the reason for unemployment lasting longer for some people is that they are struggling with overwhelming feelings of loss of value. If the individual has 15 to 30 years working, it is a total shock to not be working.

Somehow, these people turn to the government programs for help first. These very wise people normally don’t think about using the same processes that they would use in their work. If an individual is a fully qualified person in any field, when they have a problem that needs resources, they will do due diligence and check out vendors, suppliers, and services to solve the problem.

I know there are some wonderful government programs out there but I also know many are lacking. Yet people who are unemployed shuffle off into the system and don’t seem to realize they need to invest in getting expert help. Yet these are the same professionals who would look for experts if they were working.

You need to get professional help. You can’t go it alone.

When you are facing that loss of self worth and diminished value, you need to get help. You can’t go it alone. The people who try to follow old ways of job search will find themselves mired in disappointment. You can’t keep using a point and click strategy and tell people you are doing all you can to find a job.

Again I think the Platform to Employment project is a great start but I think that there have always been qualified career professionals to help the unemployed. It does take investment from the unemployed but if it cuts your job search time and unemployment time down by 50% to 90%, isn’t it what you should do?

If this sounds a little like a commercial for professional career services, it is. But it comes from a desire to see people look at the army of career professionals like myself who have been helping employed and unemployed for years. We change lives and we care about results. Do due diligence and when you are looking at a change in employment or trying to get re-employed, hire a pro.

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  1. Donna @ EdibleCreations on February 24, 2012 at 12:41 pm

    I feel like the longer people stay unemployed, their chances of finding a new job decrease. It’s like they lose all their energy and stop believing that they will ever be able to find it.

    Just like when you unplug your laptop and leave it working on a battery. It starts going to sleep mode more often, dims it screen and eventually shuts down on it’s own if there isn’t any power input to live it up.

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