Why you should vote today in the United States

Go vote!This is your day to vote if you live in the United States. Pastor Tim shared on Sunday how the international students who are living in Wausau while they go to school in International Business Management are amazed at the lack of bloodshed during our elections. Doesn’t that give you pause to think? We are still a country that can say that we don’t have riots or armed conflict when we have elections.

You can say your vote doesn’t count but it only doesn’t count if you don’t use it.

As my husband and I were heading to the polls, our oldest son checked in to ask if he could catch a ride to the polls with us. We saw our youngest son who told us he will be voting later in the day. My husband’s dad has already told him that he will be ready to go to the polls at 2:30pm and he is 90 years old. This is your right, your day. I am very happy that my family still sees it as important to vote.

It may not go your way but you should still vote.

I have had election nights that I ended up crying because I was disappointed in the outcome but it didn’t make me not want to go vote the next time.

We get to help decide the direction of the country and since we still live in the land of the free, you might want to take the opportunity to use one of those rights that many have died to preserve.

One last thing, when this election is done, let’s get on with getting along.

This election has been one of the most divisive in my memory. By casting our votes, we are acting to decide a path. It may not be your chosen path, but it will be decided. Now the best thing everyone can do is to try to get along. If we try to forget about our differences and find common ground, we can reach goals together and restore America to greatness.

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