Why your resume needs to make an impact – now more than ever!

Why your resume needs to make an impact - now more than ever!

Should you change your job?

The game changed with online applications and now your competition may be anywhere in the world.

Back in the day, you read the classifieds in your daily newspaper. It was a paper newspaper.

A company could advertise in other cities or even in papers across the country but it didn’t get the impact that a potential job posting has online today.

The Volume of Today’s Job Applications

You know why hiring managers and human resources keep saying they only look at a resume for a millisecond? The volume of applications is far too high.

Today, any job posting advertisement yields potentially 1000s of applicants from all over the United States or the world. Computers sift through myriads of applications to cull out the best candidates from hoards of unqualified applicants. Many applicants don’t even bother to read the job application.

What does this mean for you as a job seeker?

Yes, there is much opportunity but also much competition and the competition gets tougher the higher your career level. The rules of job search changed so much.

When I work with you, our first priority is to fill the resume with robust stories to show your success in earlier roles. Listing duties is never enough.

To make an impact, every bit of content in your resume must sell and market you for the jobs you target.

  • Create content focusing on the value you bring for that specific role and company.
  • Conduct in-depth company research to find out what services or products they offer, their mission statement and values, and the company goals as well as its plans. A pretty good resume may not make the cut.

Though the resume is the first piece, your online presence is just as critical. Don’t leave LinkedIn out of the picture.

As I was writing this post, another client called with her success story. She reported that she had an interview for one position but it wasn’t a good fit.

  • She told them what she really wanted, which we discovered in our sessions working together.
  • In addition, she shared her target salary level,  also something we had discussed.
  • Next she negotiated for the vacation package she wanted and is in the process of negotiating for other benefits.
  • Brave and talented – that’s who my clients are! I just help them see their talents and put them in a position to win the roles they desire.

Should I ever quit my job without landing a new one?

I wouldn’t recommend quitting your job without considerable thought. You need to understand the risks and the consequences of quitting. Make sure you have sufficient financial resources to meet your monthly expenditures if you don’t land your next role immediately. Planning is critical when you plan to make a move and ensuring that you have the right tools ready is part of that planning.

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