What happens when you use the wrong advice

What happens when you use the wrong adviceThe wrong advice leads you in the wrong direction. As I write, we are in the middle of blizzard-like conditions in Wisconsin.

You would think that someone who lives in Wisconsin would naturally have the right tools for snow removal but we have lived here without a snowblower.

Will the snowblower work?

This year, we inherited an old snow blower that hadn’t run in a few years. Every year, my husband tried to start it at his dad’s house and ended up shoveling instead. We never owned a snowblower before even though we live on a corner on top of a hill. But this year, since the snowblower is now ours, we invested in a repair service to make sure it would be operational in October.

Turns out that they had to replace multiple parts to make sure it ran again. It had bad gas that was left in it and the bad gas ruined other parts. But they got it running again and the delivery person even demonstrated how to start it.

Are you following the wrong advice in your job search?

As I read comments on LinkedIn job groups, job seekers lament how hard it is to find a job and struggling with what to say on their resume. Other people also struggling to find a new job give their advice. The problem is that often it is the wrong advice. Everyone chimes in with their solution and the frustrated job seeker runs off to follow the new advice.

Examples of wrong advice in job search

  • ATS only — People tell you to write for ATS (applicant tracking systems) stuffing every possible keyword in to get the attention of hiring managers. Stuffing keywords in without making a logical connection to your contributions won’t help win a new job.
  • LinkedIn — People know they should be on LinkedIn but in 2016, they still don’t know LinkedIn strategies or really how to use the tool. Being on LinkedIn isn’t the same as using LinkedIn properly.
  • Keep applying blinding — Applying blinding online without any follow up will end up leaving them struggling. You need a strategic job search plan that goes beyond applying online.

What happens when you hire the right expert?

You find out why what you are doing wasn’t working. This is why job seekers hire me. After following the wrong advice and getting nowhere, they give in and ask for help.

As we meet together, I see their attitude change as they recognize I am teaching them things they didn’t get from all the random job search advice they had before. A happy client sent a note to tell me she was getting ready for her new adventure, a new role in marketing communications. She shared:

I will tell every person I know (including strangers) about how you totally transformed my resume and LinkedIn brand. Thank you so much for lifting me up when I felt so low!

When you don’t know what you are doing, you end up in the wrong direction.

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