Is your vision too tiny?

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One of challenges I give my clients is to tell me what their dream job would be if there were no barriers. Think about what you would really love and what it would take to get you to the position.

I was talking to a client today who worked for a manufacturing company for almost 20 years. She was highly innovative and among her accomplishments was the launch of a very profitable new revenue stream for the company.

This new product line attracted large new corporate customers who not only loved the product line but the way my client was able to customize the product for their specific applications and make it affordable whether she was selling high volume or low volume.

She was a troubleshooter who maximized the customer experience for the engineers of the customer firms who worked with her. She built incredible loyalty with the customers, one of whom said: “She was the deciding factor why… we bought the product from her employer.”

What’s your Dream Job?

We’ve already written her resume and today I created her LinkedIn profile. As we discussed what we wanted to highlight, I brought up the dream job concept again. I already know that in her heart of hearts, she would love a job that would allow her to share her love of the outdoors. She’d love a job as a Park Ranger or something that let her share her passion.

As we talked about LinkedIn, I reminded her to keep her eye open for connections that might open the door to her dream job. We talked about how though it is tough to be looking for a new opportunity when you have spent so much time in the same role but it is also a chance to change.

Too Tiny of a Vision

Many times our vision gets so tiny because we only see what we have been and don’t see where the future could take us if we tried to use some of our other talents in a new setting.

She’s very excited right now because she sees the door that closed may very well allow her to open new doors she would not have tried if she remained in the old position. I reminded her that to make it happen she needs to work at connecting and networking but the good news is that it can happen if she works at it..

Are you looking too small? do you need to expand your vision? do you need to think about YOUR dream job?


  1. Brent Peterson on February 13, 2011 at 2:56 pm

    Hi Julie –

    I’ll confess I’m still searching myself. I am receiving guidance though from the book The Purpose Driven Life. I’ve read it before but now I’m taking it one chapter a day for 40 days.

    I’m on Day 18 :-).


    • Julie Walraven on February 14, 2011 at 5:16 am

      I’ll have to go look at my copy again, I read it twice in 2005. Our pastor challenged us to read the New Testament in 60 days. I am behind schedule but he reminded us that just reading it will open the doors to new directions even if we don’t stick to the 60 day schedule.

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