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When Life Gets Hard, Dig Deep

When Life Gets Hard, Dig Deep

Our family had a year of “things”. You might call them problems or challenges but whatever they are, it has been a year of them! The last week or two have had one “thing” after another. Each seeming to hit with a hard blow. The latest last night left my son without the car that he just got titled in his name. Accidents happen, they say.

We all have them. Things that just keep happening. Illnesses, unexpected financial hits, job loss, car accidents, medical treatments or surgeries, family challenges, the sandwich generation, and for others, natural disasters or man-made trouble just keep happening.

When Life Gets Hard, Share it

Sometimes you feel like you are the only one facing something, but as you get talking with others, you find five more people that are dealing with the exact same thing. It doesn’t make your trouble go away but you don’t feel quite as alone when you start talking with others.

I don’t have any brilliant advice to give you today. I can just tell you what I do. When I get hit with another “thing”, I don’t keep it in. I let people know selectively. You know who you can trust and you know who you feel safe with.

When Life Gets Hard, Dig Deep

If you feel overwhelmed with a “thing”, share with those you trust and then dig deep. When life gets hard, you think you don’t have any more reserves, but if you are like me, you do. Dig deep and you will find them. This is also when I grab a devotion book, put on Christian music, grab the Bible, and talk to God. That’s my way.

In Psalm 138 (the Message translation) , David says:

When I walk into the think of trouble, keep me alive in the angry turmoil. With one hand, strike my foes. With your other hand, save me. Finish what you started in me, God. Your love is eternal, don’t quit on me now.

For me, the foes are the troubles or situations I face. This quote in my Bible has a note from a friend, who had sent me to the passage in August 2006 when some other “thing” was bothering me. My friend said:

Remember that faith is a saving faith of grace. Though this world is hard sometimes, He has overcome! And one day every tear will be wiped away.

Again this is my dig deep strategy. Not necessarily yours, but it is my way of moving on.

So today, whatever you are facing, share it with someone, then dig deep. And you will find ways to keep moving on.

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His goal - the transportation industry. He was ready to leave a successful career selling Manhattan real estate to follow his passion!

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