3 reasons delaying the start of your job search destroys opportunities

Does procrastination run in your veins? You know you should start your job search but you keep putting it off.

Does delaying the start of your job search hurt you?

In the last month, I told three otherwise ideal clients I could not meet their deadline to create a new resume and career marketing plan:

  • Internal Opportunities – One inquirer had a potential internal opportunity for an executive role due on Friday
  • Dream Job – Another had a dream job with a deadline in 4 days
  • Get Me Out Now – Another desperately wanted to get out of their current company yesterday

I couldn’t help. I had to turn them down. My calendar was full and couldn’t meet their one-week or two-week deadline. If there was a bit of a slow down in 2020 in my industry, Design Resumes is definitely at full capacity today.

I feel privileged to work with so many exceptional leaders in finance, technology, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, and medical devices. I love hearing their success stories.

3 reasons to never delay the start of your job search

Without a standout resume and LinkedIn profile, you may be missing opportunities for promotions, be unprepared for your dream job, or just not be ready to leave a toxic workplace.

3 reasons to never delay the start of your job search

Is your resume ready to compete?

Who is your competition? Maybe your competition is Bill who was planning to consult because his risk compliance and food safety role was rare and we were in the middle of COVID.

Instead, after creating his stellar resume showcasing his skills, he leveraged the Job Search Program to make sure his network knew he was open to opportunities.

This led to a CEO he knew creating a new role for him as Chief Food Safety Officer within the CEO’s organization.

Does your LinkedIn profile attract hiring managers?

Maybe your competition is Sarah, who was really planning to expand her business and not on the market but when she launched her new LinkedIn profile and started connecting, people noticed.

She was offered an innovative role with a health insurance company.

Sarah had originally pushed back on even starting a LinkedIn profile but if you ask her today, she will tell you that her new profile made a huge difference in reaching old and new connections.

Only you know if you are ready if someone reaches out to you with your dream job. Can you afford to miss it?

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3 reasons delaying the start of your job search destroys opportunities

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