5167671844_b26432c9ac How to improve your resume's email addressYour resume’s email address is a critical component of your resume and yet I still occasionally receive original resumes from clients that have no email addresses.

If you are one of those people who already has an email address on your resume, just check this list to make sure that you have the best solution on your resume. While many people have an email address on their resume, there are still people who have a problem.

6 tips to improve your resume’s email address

  1. Don’t use your business email. For that matter, don’t use business anything. Cell phone, email, company phone, or letterhead. Your business email is used for company business and your resume is your personal project.
  2. If you have already graduated and still are using the college email, check to find out how long the account will remain active. In most cases, you should be switching to your own email after graduation to make sure that you don’t miss important emails.
  3. Don’t use cute email addresses on your resume, such as: alliecat@, bacardigirl@, bighotdaddy@, drunkensquirl@, foxylady@, gigglez217@.
  4. Your email should be your first and last name. I have never been a fan of emails with numbers in them. Your first and last name and perhaps your middle initial will better identify you and lower the risk of getting lost in spam filters.
  5. See number 3. Your email should not be combined with family members. Husband and wife email addresses, such as johnandjoansmith@gmail.com are not the solution for  your resume.
  6. Use gmail or another provider that can be accessed from any computer. You don’t want an email that is only tied to your home computer or a specific geographic area. You want to be able to access your email anywhere.

If you have already mastered all of these email tips, good job! Tell someone else who may need this advice! Or check out one of the many other posts I have written!

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