A quick and easy tip when your resume file gets too big

When I start with a new resume client, I use a new document and write from scratch.

An old File will affect your resume size

Some professional resume writers will use the old resume file. When you use an old file, you can inherit hidden formatting code and settings that make formatting difficult. In addition, not having the right resume format can create bloat in the document and enlarge the document file size, which is highly undesirable.

However, when I update my own client files, I don’t always follow this process. If I just insert new positions, education, and new resume strategies, I save time by using my own old file.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t always create the same resume file size as if I started with a new blank document. It can create the same file bloat as using someone else’s old file and make it difficult for clients to upload on job applications or Applicant Tracking Systems.

For job seekers who don’t live on computers, this problem can cause panic!

How to get your resume file size back to the right size to upload

I learned there is an easy fix to get the resume file size back to normal.

  1. In the old document, select all (Control A)
  2. Copy all (Control C)
  3. Open a new document.
  4. Paste all (Control V)

If the resume size does not correct itself try again.

When you check the file size, you will find the file that could have previously morphed to 2,000+K is now a manageable 22K and will upload just fine again.

Is your question about resume size relating to length?

Don't confuse the file size with the right size of your resume. I wrote about this too.

How many pages is too long for a resume?

You will get varying answers to this question. Your resume needs to tell your story. I would rather expand to a third page than leave out critical aspects of your experience. On the other hand, you want to make sure that every part of your resume shows value.

You can read more about resume length in this article: "What do I do if my resume is too long?"

For examples of my resumes that I wrote for other clients, check out the resume sample page.

To get your job search launched with an outstanding resume, simply click here!

A quick and easy tip when your resume file gets too big

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