Are you sitting on the sidelines?

Group with cakeIn yesterday’s post, Use It for Good – the Haiti Connection, I explained how Haiti’s earthquake became personal when I read a post from Jaclyn at church asking for prayer. Suddenly I understood that the international students who were and are part of my worship came from Haiti.

When I talked to Jaclyn, I told her that I had friends all over the world and I would figure out how to help if I knew what was needed. I wrote yesterday’s post and minutes after I wrote it, Jim Connolly had tweeted it. Jim’s in England.

Friends all over the world… I asked colleague and prolific Tweeter, Dawn Bugni from North Carolina if she would pass it on.  I asked Jason Alba in Utah to push out the message that we need to take action. He did.

I shared my post with Susan Murphy, in Canada, a well-known videographer and blogger I met on Twitter. Susan helped produce the 12for12K video and has been involved in that project from early on. It was through Susan that I learned of 12for12K and how I got to know Danny Brown better.

Here’s part of Susan’s post: By now, we are all aware of the devastating 7.0 earthquake that hit Haiti on January 12th. It’s estimated that there may be 100,000 casualties or more. Now more than ever, the people of Haiti need our help. Ottawa Tonite has joined forces with the global social media fundraising force

12for12k is working with registered charity Hope for Haiti to raise money to assist in the aid effort. 95% of the money raised by Hope for Haiti goes directly to the people who need it most, and the money is getting there fast, thanks to the help of thousands of dedicated volunteers.

I asked TJ McManus, from to post links and encourage people to donate through the 12for12K ChipIn widget on the sidebar. He did, using LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter to reach his contacts and network.

Some of the people reading this trust me. I have been building my network for years. During 911, I felt helpless. My network was much smaller and the tools weren’t there. I could talk to my colleagues in the career industry but there wasn’t a lot of action I could take other than donating.

With social media and all these tools, I can’t sit by the sidelines. I may be in Wausau, Wisconsin, miles from this horrible tragedy but I can ask my friends around the world to help. I can find out how my friends around the world are already helping and I can write. I can speak through all these tools and ask you to take action.

Here’s the conversation starter with TJ last night: Tj, I need your help. I put Danny Brown‘s ChipIn Widget for 12for12K on my blog wall. Tell your friends that this is a safe way to donate. Danny will get it there through Hope for Haiti!

The devastation in Haiti is awful and people are hurting. How can you help? Don’t sit on the sidelines! Use the tools you have, the network you have, and do something! Don’t sit on the sidelines and cry!

Talk to me. I talk back!


  1. TJ on January 14, 2010 at 11:17 am

    Thanks Julie, for all you do. It’s an honor to be one of your friends.

  2. Dan on January 14, 2010 at 2:20 pm

    And spread throughout my network as well. Thanks Julie.

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